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Termite Control In Florence, KY

Staying Informed Of Termites & Their Problems

Termites in Florence bring nothing but trouble to homes and businesses in the area. However, with the help of proper termite treatments and professional termite control, you can be free of these pests and the dangers they bring in no time.

Why Termites Are a Serious Danger

Termite infestations can quickly become dangerous as these pests constantly tunnel through the internal wooden structures of your property. Without treatment, termites can damage wood so that it breaks away easily, cause structural collapse, and introduce moisture or mold problems into wood as it becomes hollowed-out and weak. Not only are these damages dangerous for your property, but they can be incredibly costly to repair and greatly diminish the overall value of your property. Professional termite removal is the best way to address these issues and avoid serious damage to your property.

Our Termite Removal Process

Termite removal is something that we at Pest Guard Exterminating pride ourselves on. Our termite removal process contains three main steps: Inspection, Treatment, and Exclusion. With these comprehensive home pest control services, your Florence property will be safe from the problems that termites bring in no time.


The first step in our termite control plans, our inspections of your property are thorough. We start from the bottom of your property and work our way up, from areas closest to the ground up the drywall and then to the baseboards and door frames. We also inspect landscape and exterior harborage areas for signs of termites.


Our termite treatment plans include the use of the industry standard Termidor HE. After gathering specific information about your property’s termite problems, we apply Termidor HE every 18 inches around the exterior of your property, use trenching and rodding systems, and drill, plug, and patch holes on patios or cement. We always make sure to leave your property as if we weren’t there at all. We patch all holes and fill all trenches at the end of service.


We offer follow-up treatments and ongoing termite inspections or maintenance to protect your property against these pests in the future. Our termite control plans come with a five-year warranty, and we’re happy to perform wood-destroying insect inspections as needed. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Termites

DIY termite treatment methods and store-bought termite control products are often less than effective if you want to eradicate a termite problem on your property. While they may reduce the number of visible termites, they typically don’t treat the root cause of termite problems and leave you at risk of prolonged termite issues, including serious property destruction. Trusting the professionals at Pest Guard Exterminating is a much more reliable method of termite control.

Protecting Your Property From Termites

When it comes to pest control in Florence to protect your property from termites, there’s no better company to turn to than Pest Guard Exterminating. Our team of experienced, friendly technicians will work with you to ensure the removal of termites and provide ongoing inspections to keep your property safe from these damaging pests year-round.

Take advantage of our termite removal expertise and request a free quote today.

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